We have recently presented a series of very well-received and  well attended seminars on “The New World of Federal Government Construction Contracting."  It is evident from the questions raised by many of the attendees that contractors are concerned about the decline in contracting opportunities as the federal government shifts from sealed bidding to the extensive use of negotiated procurements. The last in this series of seminars will be held in New Orleans on February 27, 2007, and a large number of contractors have already registered.  The tremendous amount of work resulting from the disastrous effects of Hurricane Katrina has forced the Corps of Engineers to be more creative in its contracting methods.  The seminar will address the growing use of negotiated IDIQ and MATOC contracting, the need to develop teaming arrangements, and the need prepare effective proposals in response to government solicitations (RFPs)..

If you are interested in attending the New Orleans seminar, please refer to the attached agenda and registration form