Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC provides legal advice and representation to government contractors, subcontractors, and architect-engineers. The firm enjoys a well-established national practice with particular emphasis on federal construction contracting, dredging and marine construction, environmental remediation, federal supply contracting, and state and local public contracting. If you contact us by telephone, you will speak to one of our three experienced partners and there never is a charge for an initial consultation. If a partner is not available, you will receive a prompt return call as soon as one of them becomes available. We always return telephone calls promptly. In fact, we not only return telephone calls to prospective clients, we always accept, or promptly return, calls from our active clients as well.

We believe that our approach to resolving a legal problem is uniquely beneficial to government contractors. In all but the most straightforward matters, your case is discussed by the three partners. You are not charged for more than the time of one of the partners, but your matter receives the benefit of our collective experience. Although we employ a very competent staff, we do not turn your case over to an inexperienced associate. We each do our own research, we draft our own letters and pleadings, and we maintain personal control and total involvement in each of our cases. In those situations where complexity or urgency demands the attention of more than one attorney, you receive the attention of two or three experienced partners. Put simply, you never pay for the training of a younger attorney who is still in the learning process.

When you contact us, this is what you can expect:

1. One of our partners will discuss your case on the telephone (you will not be hurried) or, if you prefer, will meet with you in our offices. This will be a no-charge initial consultation.

2. If it appears that we can be of assistance, or if there is some uncertainty about whether we can help you, we will ask you to send us pertinent documents for our review. Generally, there will also be a follow-up telephone discussion or meeting.

3. At this point, we are usually in a position to give you an initial assessment of your case and we will give you our recommendation as to what should be done.

4. If you would like us to proceed on your behalf, we will send you a fee agreement letter spelling out the services we will provide and the fees we will charge. Typically, you will be given the option of a fixed-fee, partially contingent fee, or a very competitive hourly fee basis. We may request a retainer when we open a new matter.

5. We do not like our clients to have unpleasant surprises and we never undertake work that has not been authorized and that is not necessary to advance our client’s interest.

6. We keep our clients apprised of the progress of the case, we take or promptly respond to all telephone calls, and we review and promptly respond to email messages. In fact, you will find that we are very technologically advanced and that we receive your email messages, and even your faxes, when we are out of the office.

7. Since we recognize that the matters we handle frequently have considerable financial importance to our clients, and since it has been our experience that our clients rarely abuse the privilege, we frequently provide our home and cellular telephone numbers. In other words, you will never find it difficult to reach us.

8. We make considerable use of document imaging, meaning that we routinely scan all of the documents and correspondence pertaining to your case. This means that we can easily carry your file with us on our laptop computers and that we can access your file from our homes or anywhere in the world through our private computer network. You will never hear us say that we cannot look into something until we get back to the office.