Exciting news!  We recently teamed up with Onvia, a well-known government contracting resource delivering the necessary data, business intelligence, analytics and tools to help clients succeed in the government market.  In addition to our continued posts on this blog, we will now be publishing a series called Legal Landscape on Onvia’s blog.  The quarterly series is specifically designed to provide government contractors with a quick, but thorough, summary of important legal developments, as well as a plain-English explanation of how those developments may affect you.

As government contracting attorneys, a big part of our job is staying on top of legal changes that might affect our clients.  And – as many of you who read this blog know – these changes occur all the time.  In any given month there might be: proposed additions or revisions to the FAR; new SBA rules governing the various small business programs; new legislation that effects the federal procurement process in some way; executive orders that change federal contractors’ compliance obligations; and/or an important new case that alters how a government contractor should approach a problem.  As a practical matter, a lot of these changes aren’t very likely to affect your day-to-day business life.  But every few months, there are at least a few legal developments with the potential to change vital aspects of your business, or put you at risk in the event of non-compliance.  For that reason, smart contractors make every effort to keep current on the legal landscape upon which they operate.  However, because these changes can come from a range of sources, and cover a variety of topics, it’s very easy for even the most conscientious contractor to lose track of the truly important changes.  Knowing this, Onvia decided that its readers would benefit from a regular update of the most important legal developments.  Knowing us, and being familiar with our efforts to keep clients informed through posts to this blog, Onvia thought we might be just the people for the job.  We obviously agreed.

We are very excited to be working with Onvia on this series.  For more than 14 years, Onvia has been helping businesses succeed in the government market.   Their extremely comprehensive website offers a wealth of information relating to products and industries, as well as a specific “Solutions” page for government contractors.  It also has a free resource page filled with informative blogs and articles as well as interesting webinars.  It is no wonder that thousands of companies across the United States rely on Onvia as a comprehensive resource for timely and actionable sales opportunities and the industry-specific information needed to make intelligent sales decisions.   You can learn more about Onvia and their numerous resources here.

The first of what we hope will be many installments of Legal Landscape is available now.  We hope that you enjoy it, and that you check back for more government contracting updates in the next edition of Legal Landscape!

Edward T. DeLisle is Co-Chair of the Federal Contracting Practice Group. Ed frequently advises contractors on federal contracting matters including bid protests, claims and appeals, procurement issues, small business issues and dispute resolution.

Maria L. Panichelli is an Associate in the firm’s Federal Contracting Practice Group. Her practice includes a wide variety of federal contracting and construction matters, as well as all aspects of small business procurement.