In the most recent edition of Defense AT&L, a magazine published by the Defense Acquisition University, author Wayne Turk discusses the skills that a competent project manager needs to possess in the 21st Century.  In addition to people, financial and scheduling skills, Turk emphasizes seven attributes of a good project manager – patience, wisdom, sense of humor, flexibility, creativity, understanding of the law of unintended consequences, and subject matter expertise.  While Turk points out that there is no substitute for practical experience, he also provides sources of information and training for neophyte, as well as experienced, managers.  Reading this article, as well as Turk’s earlier “Ten Rules for Success as a Manager,” Defense AT&L, July-August 2004, provides useful information to prospective federal construction contractors about what agency source selection officials may look for when they review the qualifications of management personnel in connection with proposals on negotiated procurements.